July 16, 2018

New Releases for this Weekend

Games Workshop

40k- no new releases


Astreia Solbright Lord-Arcanum

Nighthaunt Reikenor The Grimhailer

Nighthaunt Dreadblade Harrows

Stormcast Celestar Ballista

Kurdoss Valentian the Craven King

Stormcast Evocators

Khorne Bloodbound:  Goreblade Warband

Stormcast Thunderstrike Brotherhood

Getting Started w/ Age of Sigmar

Storm Strike

Tempest of Souls

Tempest of Souls + Paint

Nighthaunt Paint Set

Stormcast Paint Set

AoS Paints + Tools

Fantasy Flight Games

New Arkham Horror Mythos Pack

New A Game of Thrones Chapter Pack