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Mind Games Tournament Manifesto

Mind Games hosts periodic tournaments that are held in the store.  These range from free, to a required entry fee of up to, and possibly even exceeding $20.  In all cases players are required to bring their own army, written army list, dice, templates, books and all of the other game necessities that they may need to run their army.

Although painting is not required to participate, bringing a fully painted army will almost always play some sort of role in the tournament.  An in-game bonus will often be awarded to those armies that are fully painted.  There is almost always a best painted prize as well.  This will of course only go to a fully painted army.  How this is handled in a particular tournament will be clearly stated in the individual tourney rules.

Mind Games can accommodate a maximum of 16 players for tournaments.  Spots will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.  Most tournaments will begin open registration three weeks in advance of the tourney date.  If an entry fee is required, it needs to be paid at this time.  No pay, no name on the sign-up list.  Once the tournament is full then a player’s money cannot be refunded.  Why?  First, if the tourney is full then that discourages others from signing up, your place is being saved.  Second that money is earmarked to go towards prizes.  Mind Games actually pays out more in store credit then is taken in as entry fees, and we like to be able to offer nice prizes.

If the tourney is full a player can still sign-up on the alternate list.  The entry fee must still be fronted, but if on the day of the tourney, the player shows up and does not get to play their entry fee will be refunded. 

Mind Games reserves the right to expel anyone from the tournament for any sort of foul or abusive language, excessive bad sportsmanship, or any other behavior deemed inappropriate.  Any entry fee paid will be forfeited by the expelled individual.

For dates, times, and the rules governing an individual tournament:  please check out the “Calendar” feature of the web-page.  Note that as tournaments are often scheduled far in advance please allow that  a given tournament may be moved or changed so check both the calendar page as well as Facebook to make sure that nothing has changed.




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